1. :i v:kXS: s:aI:r et:,m:l: v:as: s:aI:r s:aI:r s:ty: s:aI:r b:al:aj:i g::ev:nd s:aI:r (2) AeK:l:aNR n:aT: A:n:d -p: v:kXS: s:aI v:kXS: (2) b:al:aj:i g::ev:nd s:aI:r (2)
  2. (Hey Lord Sai You are Lord Venkateshwara, whose abode is at Tirumala. Oh Sai, You are Balaji (another name for Venkateshwara) as also Govinda. You are the Lord of the Universe, the embodiment of bliss)