1. s:n:: m:ri ev:n:t:i s:aI )B: An:aT: n:aT: s:d g:, s:aI n:n: hin: m: s:b: h AD:ra p:hc: ks: m:edr t:ra sp:S:n: k- ks: c:rN: t:ra kp:a kr: )B: s:d g:, s:aI )m: s: A:A: haT: p:kRl:: m:J:k: l: c:l:: s:aI
  2. (Hey Lord Sai, please listen to my prayers! You are the noble perceptor and the Lord of Anaaathas (orphans - those without any support). I am blind (spiritually), everything is dark, how will I ever reach Thy shrine? How will I ever touch Thy Lotus Feet? Kindly, be compassionate, oh Lord Sai. Come lovingly, take my hands and lead me, oh Lord Sai)