1. sv:ag:t:÷ sv:ag:t:÷ ┬:i s:ty: s:aI sv:ag:t:÷ )S:a÷et: en:l:y:÷, p:rm:atm:a -p:÷ p:ret: p:ěriS:÷ s:ěsv:ag:t:÷ s:ty: sv:-p:÷, s:Ě█, n:aT:÷ D:m:Ř sv:-p:÷ s:ěsv:ag:t:÷
  2. (Welcome to Thee O Lord Sathya Sai,The Lord of Parthi, the embodiment of Supreme Self, The dweller of Prasanthi Nilayam, the Supreme Guru, the embodiment of Truth and Righteousness, Welcome to Thee.)