1. t:aNRv: e)y:kr s:aI p:rm::r n:ac: s:aI S:kr n:Xraj: Rm: Rm: Rm: Rm: Rm:- b:aj: j:n: J:n: b:aj: p:ay:el:y:a n:ac: g:g:aD:r n:ac: eb:mb:aD:r n:ac: s:aI S:kr n:Xraj:
  2. (This song describes Shiva dancing. Behold, Lord Shiva doing the Thandava dance! The rattle drum in His hand is making "Dama, Dama Dama" sound. His anklets are jingling and making "jhan, Jhana , Jhana" sound, Shiva with His third eye is dancing (and the earth is trembling under His Feet))