1. t:r eS:v: )B: k:I n:hi h t:J:k: m:ra )N:am: t:J:k: m:ra )N:am: s:aI ram: t:J:k: m:ra )N:am: m:rl:i m:n::hr A:S:a n: t::R: dK: B:j:n: m:ra s:aT: n: C:R: ar K:_i h m: deK:y:ari s:n: l: m:ri p:kar s:aI ram: s:n: l: m:ri p:kar
  2. (O Lord Sai Ram! Without Thee, I have nobody. Kindly accept my salutations O! Beautiful One! Do not disappoint me. I am waiting for Thee in front of Thy Temple gate. O Destroyer of miseries! Do not leave me ever. Please listen to my prayer, O Sai Ram.)