1. t: m:r sv:aem: At:y:aem: At:r jy::et: j:l:aA: s:aI t: m:ra ep:t:a t: h m:ri m:at:a t: m:ra b:D: t: m:ra B:at:a t: m:ra m:ael:k m: t:ra b:ael:ka dy:a kr: )B: din: n:aT: s:n:et: d: m:r s:aI n:aT:
  2. (O Indweller of my heart, Lord Sai! Kindly illumine the light in my heart Thou art Father, Mother, Kith and Kin, Master and Protector, I am Thy Child, O Lord Sai Naathha Kindly bestow mercy and compassion on me)