1. t:m: eb:n: )aN: n:hi A:h s:aI m:r s:b: D:m:: k t: h s:hara rhim: kh: rG:ram: kh: t:m: eb:n: )aN: n:hi A:h s:aI m:r n:an:k y:S: m:hav:ir :i S:kr )m: Av:t:ar s:aI ram: t:m: h: m:r )aN: A:h s:aI m:r (2) t: h s:aI B:g:v:an: (2)
  2. (Oh Sai, without You, I have no life. You are the support for all faiths. Chant the name of Rahim or Rama. Without You, there is no life, oh Sai. You are the incarnation of Love, You are Guru Nanak, Jesus, Mahaveera and Shankara. Oh Sai, You are my very life)