1. y:g: Av:t:ar p:ret: ev:har her n:aray:N: ! p:rm:an:d s:ecc:dan:d :i s:aI S:kr ! p:rm: dy:akr p:ap: s:har ev:B:et: s:dr ! p:rm:an:d s:ecc:dan:d :i s:aI S:kr ! eS:rRi p:ri:r p:ret:p:ri:r )m: s:aI:r ! p:rm:an:d s:ecc:dan:d :i s:aI S:kr !
  2. (I bow to the incarnation of our age, Sai Baba, dweller of Puttaparthi who is none other than Narayana himself. I salute Sai Shankara who is sachidananda, existence, knowledge and bliss. I bow to our Sai who is the picture of kindness, who is endowed with superlative powers and washes our sins away. I pay humble homage to all the three incarnations of Sai Baba, the past incarnation, Baba of Shirdi, the present incarnation, Baba of Puttaparthi and the Prema Sai who will be the future incarnation.)