1. B:g:v:an: k\N: n:m:: B:g:v:an: k\N: n:m:: p:et:t: p:av:n: p:et:t::arN:, ram:c:d n:m:: kl:at:it:ay: es:e-p:ay: s:ty: s:aI n:m:: ev::aD:ar j:g:tp:al: eS:v: p:rm:atm: n:m:: At:y:aem: n:m::, s:v: At:y:aem: n:m::
  2. (Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Who is saviour and uplifter of afflicted and miserables. Sathya Sai, who is above and beyond time and the very embodiment of all virtues and success; All- pervading Shiva, Who sustains the entire creation; Omniscient Lord, Who is the indweller of all hearts.)