1. B:j::r s:aI j:p:: r s:aI :i s:ty: n:am: s:aI n:am: h s:b: k s:hara B:j::r s:aI n:am: B:j::r s:aI n:am: .... (B:j::r s:aI j:p:: r ...) raG:v: rG:v:r n:am: m:aD:v: m:rhr n:am: b: ev:\N: m:h:r n:am: n:am: j:p:: r s:da j:p:: r s:v: dv: -p: s:aI n:am:
  2. (Sing/chant the name of Sathya Sai Baba; The name Sai is the 'support' for all; It is the name of Raghava, Raghuvara (Shree Rama); It is also the name of Madhava, Murahara (Shree Krishna); It is the name of Brahma (creator), Vishnu (sustainer) and Mahadeva (Shiva - destroyer). Chant the names. Always ring the names - the name of Sai who is in all God forms)