1. A:ret: :i s:aI g:,v:rki p:rm:an:d s:da g:,v:rki s:ecc:dan:d s:aI g:,v:rki ram:k\N: eS:v: s:aI -p: m: All:ah I:r y:S: -p: m: g:,v:rki s:aI g:,v:rki eS:rRi -p: m: p:ret: -p: m: g:,v:rki s:aI g:,v:rki j:y: b::l:: s:aI g:,v:rki g:,v:rki s:aI g:,v:rki
  2. (Arati (camphor flame) to our (beloved) Sai, the Teacher; Ever in Bliss and also in a state of Satchidananda (existence, knowledge and Bliss); Rama, Krishna are all forms of Sai; Allah, Eeshwara, Jesus are all Your forms; You are Shirdi Sai and Parthi Sai; Victory to Thee, Oh my beloved Teacher)