1. b: ev:\N: m:hS: t: t: hi p:al:n: har j:g:t: p:erp:al: )S:aet: en:l:y:a t: hi s:b: k s:hara ...(b: ev:\N:) B:Vt: j:n: e)y: :i s:aI ram: eS:rRi p:riS: p:ret:p:riS: j:y: j:g:diS: ram: m:n: m: ram:, m:K: p: ram: ram: ram: ram: ram: j:y: s:aI ram:
  2. (You are Brahma, You are Vishnu. You are the saviour. You are the protector of the entire world. O dweller of Puttaparthi, You are the help and sustenance of every one. You are the darling of Your devotees. O Sai Baba of Shirdi and Puttaparthi. You are eternally in the minds of Your devotees. Your Name is always on their lips. Victory to You Sai Ram!)