1. A:A: A:A: h B:g:v:an: s:v: j:iv:n: k kr: kly:aN: A:A: A:A: h B:g:v:an:, t:m: h: p:r kp:a k s:ag:r t:m: h: g:N: m:edr n:Xn:ag:r, t:m: h: s:ty: s:n:at:n: sv:aem: G:X G:X vy:ap:i At:y:aem:
  2. (Welcome, Welcome Lord! Kindly bestow auspiciousness and prosperity on all beings. O Ocean of extreme Grace! O Treasure of Supreme Virtues! O Omnipresent Indweller of Hearts! O Lord Sai (Swami)! Thou art infinite Truth.)