1. din: deK:y:: k t:rN: krN: t: h Es: m:s:iha, A:h s:aI b:ab:a! D:m::rN: B:Vt: p:aray:N: A:ed n:aray:N: s:aI A:ed n:aray:N: s:aI Al:K: en:rj:n: B:v: B:y: B:j:n: p:ret: n:aray:N: s:aI p:ret: n:aray:N: s:aI!
  2. (O Lord Sai Baba! Thou art the destroyer of miseries and pains. Thou hast cometh as Messenger for revival of righteousness and guiding devotees. Thou art the destroyer of fear and cycle of birth and death. Chant the name of the Lord of Parthi, Lord Sai Ram.)