1. dv:a dv:a dy:a kr: s:aI dv:a kp:a kr: s:aI dv:a At:y:aem: s:aI raj:a p:ret:p:riS: h p:rm:S: din: dy:al: s:aI n:aT: )m: sv:-p: p:rm:an:d j:y: j:y: j:y: j:y: s:d g:, dv:a k,N: s:ag:r s:ty: s:aI dv:a
  2. (O Lord! O Lord Sai! O Indweller of Heart! Have mercy and shower Thy grace. O Embodiment of Love and Bliss! O Resident of Parthi! Thou art extremely kind to miserables, afflicted and dejected.)