1. dv:dv:::m: din: s:rx:k dv:aed dv: dy:a m:ay:a :i s:aI dv: kp:a m:ay:a p:et:t::ar p:ap:ev:dr p:ret: ev:har p:m:sv:r B:sm::v:kr B:v: B:y: n:aS:k :i s:aI dv: l:il:a m:ay:a
  2. (O Lord Shree Sai! Thou art: Most Supreme among Gods; Protector of afflicted; Lord of all Lords; Grantor of grace; uplifter of fallen and miserables; Destroyer of sins; Creator of Bhashma - sacred ashes - vibuti, symbol of renunciation; Remover of fear of bondage of birth and death. O Lord Sai! Thy Play-Sport (in the Universe) is mysterious.)