1. g:g:n: m:NRl: m: Ok h t:ar t:m: h: s:aI )B: v::hi es:t:ar k:eX s:y: s:m: p:rm: uj:al: )m:aT: n:aT: )B: s:aI kp:al: S:rN:ag:t: p:erp:al:k t:m: h: j:iv:n: ki m:ri r:S:n:i t:m: h:
  2. (In this galaxy there is but one star. Sai Baba, You are that Star. You have an effulgence of ten million suns. You are the foremost among gods. With kindness infinite, you have protected everyone who has sought shelter. You, my Lord, are the light that illumines my life.)