1. S:mB:: S:kr s:ab: s:daeS:v: hr hr S:kr B::l:a m:h:r S:mB:: S:kr s:ab: s:daeS:v: g:g:a j:XaD:r n:Xn: m:n::hr p:ret:p:ri:r s:aI S:kr eS:v: eS:v: eS:v: eS:v: eS:v:ay: n:m:H ! hr hr hr hr hray: n:m:H !
  2. (Oh Lord Shambho, Shankara, Sadashiva, Maheshwara (different names for Shiva), You are the One who wears the river Ganga on Your matted locks, You are the Divine dancer, You are Sai Shankara of Parthi, victory to You)