1. eS:v: el:g: m:g:l: el:g: s:aI g:g:a g::ri el:g: eS:v: el:g: m:g:l: el:g: m:dar m:al: el:g: n:di:r ram: el:g: :i g:g:aD:ari el:g: eS:v:rae*: A:tm: el:g:
  2. (Worship the Shivalinga of auspicious form, adorned by the Ganges, sacred to Gauri, worshipped with garlands of Mandara flowers, Linga of Nandi's Lord, worshipped by Rama, Linga of the Lord who bears the Ganges, Brought forth on Shivaratri, the Atma Linga)