1. eS:v: m:h:r eS:v: m:h:r eS:v: m:h:r s:aI ram: eS:v: m:h:r, eS:v: S:kr, eS:v: m:hadv:, s:aI ram: kl:as: v:as: m:h:r j:g:di:r b:ab:a m:hadv: e*:B:v:n: p:al: b:ab:a s:aI dv:
  2. (Hail to Sai Baba, who is the great Lord Shiva; giver of prosperity; who dwells on Kailas mountain; Lord of the universe, Shiva, Sai Baba; Protector of the three worlds, Shiva, who is our God Sai.)