1. eS:v: eS:v: S:mB:: m:hS: eg:riS: hr hr s:aI m:hadv: n:ed v:ahn: n:ag: B:\:N: B:al: l::c:n: e*:p:r ev:har p:rm: p:,\: eS:v: g:g:aD:ari c:dkl:a D:r p:av:t:i rm:N: eS:v: eS:v: S:mB:: m:hS: eg:riS:
  2. (Chant the names of Shiva, Shambho, Mahesha, Girisha, Hara, Mahadeva ( different names for Shiva). You have Nandi (bull) as Your vehicle. You are adorned with snakes (as ornaments). You have beautiful eyes and You roam in the three worlds. You are the Supreme Lord with river Ganges in Your matted locks. You wear the crescent shaped moon and You are the enchanter of Parvati)