1. c:d S:K:r dy:a m:ay:a m:h:r kp:a m:ay:a p:rm::r, j:g:di:r, eS:rRi:r, p:rt:i:r g:g:a j:XaD:r g::ri S:kr e*:S:l: D:ark ec:db:r:r n:ed v:ahn: j:y: n:ag::r ev:B:et: s:dr s:aI eg:ri:r dy:a kr: kp:a kr: (2) rx:a kr: s:aI:r (2)
  2. (This is a description of Lord Shiva. He sports a crescent moon on his head. He is the embodiment of kindness. Both Shirdi Baba and Sathya Sai baba are none other than Him. His matted locks hold the river Ganga. He wields a trident and rides the bull Nandi. He has a cobra around his neck. His body is smeared with holy ash. He dwells on the top of the snow clad mountain. To that Shiva I address myself and beseech "Lord, please protect us your devotees")