1. ev::n:aT: g::ri n:aT: S:mB:: S:kr ev:: p:al: h kp:al: s:aI S:kr ..(ev::n:aT:..) n:ed v:ahn: eS:v: n:ag: B:\:N: c:dS:K:r B:sm: B:\:N: dy:a s:ag:r um:a m:h:r dy:a es:D: k,N: es:D: g::ri S:kr g::ri S:kr g::ri S:kr
  2. (This is a namaavali or a string of God's names. Lord Shiva is addressed by differenet names - Vishwanatha, Gauri's Lord, the One who rules over the entire universe, One who has the bull as His vehicle, One who has holy ash all over His body, Uma's Lord Maheshwara, One who is compassionate and kind.)