1. y::g:i:r eS:v: p:av:t:i S:kr m::x: ev:D:ay:k s:aIS: t:aNRv: e)y:kr c:d kl:aD:r vy:aG:ab:r D:r g::riS: S:l: eg:ri:r j:y: p:rt:i:r p:av:t:i S:kr g::riS: (2)
  2. (O Sai Baba, You are none other than the supreme Shiva, consort of Goddess Parvati, the Shiva who did the Tandava dance, who is adorned by a crescent moon on his head, who is clad in a tiger skin, who dwells on the white snowclad mountain. You really are none other than that Shiva. May You be victorious in your task of liberating mankind from the endless cycle of births and deaths.)