1. Rm: Rm: Rm: Rm: Rm:- B:j: n:ac: S:kr n:ac:r (2) Rm: Rm: Rm: Rm: Rm:- B:j: (2) t:g: ehm:ac:l: e:g: en:v:aes:t: (2) n:ac: )l:y:kr n:ac:r (2) s:i S:kr l:y: )l:y:kr (2) n:ac:r eS:v: n:ac:r (2)
  2. (The Damaru (the rattle that Shiva holds in His hands) is beating; And Lord Shanakara is dancing (His cosmic Dance); The drums are beating And Pralayankara (Shiva - the one who brings about Pralaya at the end of Yugas) is dancing; The One who lives in the snow clad mountains is dancing; Lord Shiva is dancing)