1. A,N:ac:l: eS:v: s:aI S:kr n:ac:: h n:Xraj: B:sm: B:\:N: n:ag:aB:rN: n:ac:: h eS:v: raj: t:aNRv: e)y: kr, n:Xn: n:X:r, n:ac:: h n:Xraj: n:ac:: h n:Xraj: Rm: Rm: Rm: Rm: Rm:- b:j:aA: j:n: J:n: j:n: J:n: p:ay:el:y:a eD:em:ek eD:em:ek eD:em:, eD:em:ek eD:em:ek eD:em:, n:ac:: h n:Xraj: n:ac:: h n:Xraj:
  2. (O Sai Shiva, dweller on the peaks of Arunachal mountain please do the cosmic dance for us. With ash smeared on your body and a serpent dangling around your neck, do the Tandava dance. Rattle your drum. Jingle your anklets. Reverberate the earth with your rhythm. Dance for us Nataraja.)