1. dS:n: d: eS:v: S:kr dv: dS:n: d: s:aI S:kr dv: ..(dS:n: R:..) g:j: c:m:ab:r h )l:y:kr h )l:y:kr, h AB:y:kr ..(g:j: c:m:amn:r..) h e*:p:rari e*:n:*: D:ari p:av:t:i rm:N: p:at:k hrN: h B:v:n::r dy:a kr:
  2. (Will You not come and reveal yourself to me, Sai Shankara? I can visualize You dressed in an elephant skin. O Lord of dissolution, You have inculcated fearlessness in us, devotees. O Eashwara, destroyer of the three worlds, O three eyed One, Parvati's consort, giver of salvation to sinners, Lord of the universe will you not come and give me a glimpse of Your Form?)