1. dy:a kr: B:g:v:n: S:kr dy:a kr: B:g:v:n: e*:n:*: D:ari e*:S:l: D:ari g:g:a D:ari dy:a kr: p:av:t:i rm:N: p:g: B:\:N: n:il:kNY dy:a kr: c:d S:K:r c:d kl: D:r ev:B:et: s:dr dy:a kr:
  2. (O Lord Shankar, have mercy on us, the three-eyed one, holding the three-pronged Trident, holding the Ganges in Your hair. O enchanter of mother nature; O! Blue necked one, thou hast the moon as decoration of forehead. Have mercy.)