1. (hr) g:g:a j:Xa D:r g::ri S:kr eg:erj:a m:n: rm:N: (j:y:) m:ty:j:y: m:hadv: m:h:r m:g:l: S:B: c:rN: n:ed v:ahn: n:ag: B:\:N: en:,p:m: g:N: s:dn:a n:Xn: m:n::hr n:il: kat: s:aI n:irj: dl: n:y:n:a (s:aI)
  2. (Glory to the One who bears river Ganges in His hair; Glory to the One who is the husband of Parvati; Glory to the One who is beyond death; Glory to the One whose Feet spell good for every one; Glory to the One who rides the Nandi Glory to the One who has a cobra around His neck Glory to the one who is the embodiment of unparalleled virtues; Hail the enchanting dancer, the blue throated Sai, Whose eyes are like the petals of a Lotus flower)