1. hr hr hr m:hadv: e*:S:l: Rm:- D:ari (2) A:ed n:aT: c:d n:aT: (2) m:h:r e*:p:rari (2) hr hr hr m:hadv: (2) g:g:D:r e*:l::c:n: (2) v:am: dv: m:n: ev:hari (2) S:kr :i B:t: n:aT: (2) A:y:: S:rN: et:hari (2)
  2. (The great God Shankar is adorned with a trident and drum; The Ruler of the moon and Lord of Adi (Parvati); The One who killed Tripura Demon; He is holding the Ganges in His head; He has three eyes and moves in the forest. O auspicious Lord of all beings, I take refuge in Thee)