1. hr hr S:kr s:ab: s:da eS:v: O\: m:hS: t:aNRv: e)y:kr c:d kl:aD:r O\: m:hS: Amb:a s:t: l:b::dr v:edt: O\: m:hS: t:g: ehm:ac:l: e:g: en:v:aes:t: O\: m:hS:
  2. (Chant the many names of the Lord: Shankar, Shambha sadaa Shiva and Mahesha. O Lord Mahesh! Thou art fond of Tandava Dance (cosmic dance). You are adorned with Moon as decoration on Your forehead. Thou art worshipped by the darling son of Mother ambaa - Lord Ganesh,the One with a pot belly. Thou art the resident of the Himalayas)