1. hr eS:v: S:kr B::l: n:aT: p:ret: p:ri:r s:aI n:aT: Aeh B:\:N: eS:v: g::ri n:aT: p:rm: s:m:g:l: s:aI n:aT: eg:erj:a rg: p:rm:an:d s:m:aeD: e)y: g:g:an:aT:
  2. (Chant the name of Lord Shiva Shankara and Lord of Parthi, Lord Sai Nath. O Lord of Gauri! Thou hast cobra as an ornament; always blissful and pleasing to Girija (Consort). Lord Sai Naathha, bearer of Ganges and bestower of auspiciousness and lover of deep meditative states).