1. B:sm: B:eS:t:ag: s:aI c:d S:K:ra B:al: n:*: S:l: D:ari s:aI S:kr B:sm: B:e\:t:ag: s:aI c:d S:K:ra s:am: g:an: e)y:kra s:aI s:dra hr hr hr eS:v: S:mB:: n:Xn: S:K:ra p:ret: v:as: s:aI dv: s:aI S:kra s:aI S:kr s:ty: s:aI S:kr
  2. (Worship the charming Lord Sai: Who wears sacred holy ashes all over Him; Who is decorated with Moon on Head; Who has third spiritual eye on forehead; and Who holds Trident (representing three phases each of, time, space and attributes). O King among the dancers! O Charming One! Virtuous persons adore and worship Thee. Chant the name of Lord Sathya Sai Shankar, Resident of Parthipuri and Lord of Lords.)