1. h S:mB: m:hadv: hi b::l: h eS:v: S:kr s:aI )B: J:X J:X D:ari g:g:a D:ari e*:S:l: Rm:- D:ari ep:n:ak p:an:i vy:aG:ab:r D:ari g:g:a j:at: D:ari hl:ahl: D:ari j:y: m:dg: D:ari
  2. (Chant the name of Lord : Shambhoo; Shiva; Shankara and Sai. O Lord of Lords! Thou hold: holy river Ganges in Thy matted hair; Trishul (Trident); Wear snake on neck; Damaru and Mrudanga (musical instrument similar to drum - this drum denotes the ticking of time or Kaala) in Thy hand and 'Halahal' poison in Thy throat. Thou wear dress made up of tiger skin.)