1. h eS:v: g:g:aD:r h p:ج p:rt:i:r n:t:n: s:dr g:g:aD:r n:Xn: m:n::hr eb:mb:aD:r ...(h eS:v:) din: n:aT: p:ret: n:aT: s:aI )B: kp:a kr: rx:a kr: s:aI )B: h eS:v: S:kr s:aI )l:y:kr kp:a kr: rx:a kr: B:Vt: v:ts:l: (2)
  2. (O Lord Shiva, dweller of Puttaparthi, the Cosmic dancer, You are the protector of the meek and the humble; You are the idol of Your devotees. Please bestow Your Grace on us.)