1. j:ag:: j:ag:: S:kr j:ag:: j:ag:: s:aI:r j:ag:: j:ag:: j:ag:: S:kr hl:ahl: D:r h p:m:S: h e*:p:rari j:y: p:rt:iS: g:g:a D:r S:kr eS:v: g::ri v:r S:kr hr g:g:a D:r S:kr s:ty: s:aI:r S:kr
  2. (O Lord Sai Shankara! Help to wake up from the slumber of ignorance, to realize Thee. O Lord with three eyes (Tripurari)! Thou hold 'Halahal' poison in Thy throat and holy river Ganges in Thy matted hair. Chant the name of Lord Shiva, Sathya Sai Shankara.)