1. j:g:diS: hr j:y: h: j:g:d:ar j:y: j:y: h: j:g:diS: hr j:y: h: All:ah y:S: n:an:k s:aI (2) At:y:aem: b:ع m:hav:ir z::ra\X s:v: D:m: e)y: dv: ()) S:aet: en:v:as: s:ty: s:aI dv: (2) j:y: h: j:y: h: (2)
  2. (Victory and glory to the Lord of creation, upholder of the universe, Allah, Jesus, Nanak and Sai are names for one God, Indwelling Lord, lover of all religions (Buddha, Mahaveera, Zoraster etc) and resident at Prashanti Nilayam, we hail Your glory)