1. j:y: j:g:diS: hr j:y: g::ev:nd hr en:ty:an:d b:an:d j:y: g::p:al: hr A,N:ac:l: eS:v: ! e*:S:l: D:aerN:i ! her n:aray:N: ! s:aI n:aray:N: ! j:y: dv:i B:art:i ev:: D:aerN:i Ap:N: m:at:a !
  2. (Victory be to the Lord of the Universe. Victory be to Govinda. Victory be to the eternal blissful cowherd boy Krishna. Victory be to Lord Shiva who is carrying a trident and dwells on the Arunachala mountain. Victory be to Sai Narayana. Victory be to Goddess Parvati who carries and sustains the whole world.)