1. B::l:a n:aT: hr j:g:diS: S:l::r hr um:a m:hS: B::l:a n:aT: hr j:g:diS: B:v: B:y: hari h e*:p:rari eS:v: g:g:aD:r s:aI m:rari B::l:a n:aT: B::l:a n:aT: s:aI n:aT: s:aI n:aT:
  2. (Lord who gives all that is asked, Lord of all creation; Dwelling in the purity and peace of Mt. Kailas, Shiva, Lord of Uma, Great God; One who destroys fear by removing the veil of ignorance; Shiva, source of the purifying waters of the Ganges, our Sai; Lord who gives everything, Lord Sai, Lord Sai.)