1. n:m::­ n:m::­ n:Xraj: n:m::­ hr j:at: j:XaD:r S:mB::­ n:m::­ n:m::­ n:Xraj: p:av:n: b:Ď╔c:ari dan:v: m:d s:÷hari p:ret:p:ěri ev:hari p:rm:dy:aG:n: S::˛er n:m::­ n:m::­ n:Xraj:
  2. (Salutations to Thee, Hey supreme dancer (Nataraja), the One having matted locks of hair. Salutations to Thee, the auspicious One, the destroyer of demons. Salutations to Thee, the One who frequents Puttaparthi, the One full of compassion. Salutations to You, Nataraja!)