1. ! eS:v: ! eS:v: p:ratp:r eS:v: A:kar eS:v: t:v: S:rN: Ok n:aT: eg:erj:ap:et: S:kr m:hadv: eS:v: t:v: S:rN: um:a ek S:kr )j:a ek S:kr um:a m:h:r t:v: S:rN: g::ri S:kr S:mB:: S:kr s:ab: s:da eS:v: t:v: S:rN:
  2. (I take refuge in the Lord Shiva Who is the supreme Lord, the husband of Girija, Giver of prosperity and joy, the One, Master of all, the Great Lord - I take refuge in You. The Giver of prosperity to Uma and his subjects, the great Lord of Uma - I take refuge in You; Shiva, of Gauri, Who holds the River Ganga, the ever-existing Lord, I take refuge in You)